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Business Leader. Coach.
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Teacher-in-Training.

Rather than simply focusing on business as usual, innovative organisations are turning to mind fitness and inner skills as a way to promote the capacity to thrive and flourish. That is the focus and purpose of my work.

How can we create workplaces where people thrive? A Google engineer, zen teacher and a Stanford neuroscientist set out to discover how.

Endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and former US President Jimmy Carter, the transformative program of Search Inside Yourself was created.

Today Search Inside Yourself is the #1 training program Google, taught in leading organisations including the United Nations and is changing thousands of lives in over a dozen counties.

As a selected teacher-in-training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, I am grateful to bring this work into the business world so we can create, thrive and lead together.

To find out more about my programs and upcoming events, please send me a message via the form below: